Discover Islam

Free Islamic Material

Al-Manar Centre provides pamphlets/ Quran/books free of charge. Visit us to choose what suits your needs. Alternatively, we can deliver the literature to addresses within Cardiff, please text your name and address to (0745 400 8803)

Discover Islam Exhibition

We have a good collection of exhibits, including artifacts, which we use to organise a Discover Islam Exhibition at our centre (please watch this video). Alternatively, we can organise a mini Discover Islam Exhibition at schools and universities (subject to a fee covering the costs of transportation). Please text us (0745 400 8803) for further details.

Ask a question about Islam

Are you curious about Islam, do you need a clarification on a certain aspect of Islam? Send your questions to (mobile/WhatsApp: 0745 400 8803) and we will try our best to answer your questions.

Islamic Values

We cherish our Islamic values, encourage Muslims to practice them and seek to educate others about them. If you are interested in displaying any of the below canvas banners (1.8m x 2m) on the front wall of your building, we will be happy to supply them free of charge. Please request from: or 0745 400 8803.

Have you ever thought about visiting a Mosque? The mosque is a central place in Islam where Muslims perform their formal daily prayers as well as the Friday prayer. Send us an email ( stating whether the visit is for an individual or for a group (schools are most welcome). We can arrange a special tour of our mosque.

The tour may consist of:

• Meeting with the Imam

• Visiting the different parts of the Mosque

• Ablution demonstration; a preparation for the prayer

• A short presentation about the Al-Manar Centre or a RE cartoon on Islam (for school visits)

• Interactive Q&A; where you can ask any questions about Islam

We can organise interactive workshops for group visits, Alternatively, a workshop could be arranged to be delivered at your school or place of work. The workshop may cover different aspects of Islam such as:

• Does God Exist

• Who is God

• Islam 101

• Status of Women in Islam

• The Glorious Quran; The Final and Last Testament of God

• Who was Muhammad?

• Who was Jesus?

• The Ramadan; A month of Fasting

Schools are most welcome to arrange a visit to our centre, where we can arrange a tour of the mosque (please see details in the Visit our Mosque above. Alternatively, we can arrange for one of our experienced volunteers to visit your school to deliver an interactive presentation on Islam, suitable with the RE requirements, followed by a Q & A session.

Al-Manar Centre is not responsible for the contents in the websites of the above organisations. Please contact us ( if you have any feedback on that.