About Al-Manar Centre

Al-Manar Centre is a Muslim community organisation (UK registered charity no. 1130211), first established in 1992, adheres to the teachings of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah.

•To promote the teachings of Islam in the community;

•To provide quality educational and cultural programmes primarily aimed at the Muslim community in the English & Arabic medium, but open to all faiths and backgrounds;

•To engage with other communities in Cardiff with view to increased community cohesion and mutual understanding;

•To make positive contributions for the wellbeing of all members of our diverse Cardiff community;

•To seek cooperation with other organisations sharing our vision.

To be the leading Islamic organisation in Wales, caring for Muslim university students and the local Muslim community, as well as introducing Islam to the non-Muslims.

•Barak Adnan Albayaty

•Abdelati Fergani

•Nasir Gourashi

•Kamal Al-Idrisy


Steve Cross

HMP Cardiff Governor

Chris Lewis

Cardiff Communities Walk Coordinator

Richard Edwards

Huggard Centre Chief Executive

Sh. M. Salih Alothaymeen

Saudi Arabia

Sh. AbdurRahman As-Sudays

Saudi Arabia

Sh. Abdullah Almutlaq

Saudi Arabia

Dr. Abdullah Shakir


Sh. Dr. Salih Alhusayn


Al-Manar Centre is not responsible for the contents in the websites of the above organisations. Please contact us (gm@almanar.org.uk) if you have any feedback on that.