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Correct Your Qur'an Recitation   |    Muslim Mentors Service   |    'Towards a Sucessful Family' a weekly class (in Arabic)   |    An Authentic Reading of Islamic History (in Arabic)   |    Youth Empowering Club   |    Effects of the Beautiful Attributes of Allah (in Arabic)    |    Sisters Social Session (in Arabic)   |    Self Defense Training (for sisters)   |    A Reminder Visit   |    The Du'a Challenge!   |    Masaajid Unified Table Tennis Tournament   |    CHILDREN'S OASIS FOR LEARNING QUR'AN & ARABIC   |    AFTER-SCHOOL QUR'AN CLASSES FOR CHILDREN & TEENS   |    AFTER FAJR QUR'AN CIRCLE, daily for brothers   |    QUR'ANIC CIRCLE, a weekly (sisters only) circle   |    'Back2Basics' 8-week lecture series   |    WEEKLY QUR'AN TAFSEER CLASS (ARABIC)   |    Emergency Food Parcel for the elders   |    Foodbank Parcels   |    Advice Service   |   

About Us

Al-Manar Centre is a Muslim community organisation (UK registered charity no. 1130211), first established in 1992, adheres to the teachings of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah.

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Al-Manar Centre is an independent, local charity depending solely on donations from the general public. Please donate below or click here for more donation options. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated.

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Aspiring towards a proactive community is Al-Manar's slogan. However, actions speak louder than words!


Cardiff Muslims Feeding the Needy of Cardiff. We are proud of those of our local restaurants, take-away and grocery shop owners, who kindly donate hot meals and food items, to enable us to feed the homeless.


We hand out food parcels to refugees, the homeless and other less fortunate members of our community, who get our Foodbank vouchers from our network of agents.

Neighbourhood Clean-up

As Muslims, we believe strongly in the importance of keeping our neighbourhoods clean. We normally join forces with the "Keep Cathays Tidy" group, who organises a litter picking activity every 2nd Saturday of the month.

Discover Islam

Free Islamic Material

Al-Manar Centre provides pamphlets/ Quran/books free of charge. Visit us to choose what suits your needs. Alternatively, we can deliver the literature to addresses within Cardiff, please text your address to (0745 400 8803)

Ask a question about Islam

Are you curious about Islam, do you need a clarification on a certain aspect of Islam? Send your questions to (mobile/WhatsApp: 0745 400 8803) and we will try our best to answer your questions.

Al-Manar Centre is not responsible for the contents in the websites of the above organisations. Please contact us (gm@almanar.org.uk) if you have any feedback on that.